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My most recent blog posts:

How Business Owners Use Life Insurance to Make Charitable Gifts (10/20/2016) - What is one trait that successful business owners share? An attitude of gratitude! Business owners who have advanced in their field don’t forget those who helped them get to the top. They honor their parents, they give credit where credit is due, and they see the importance of every contribution to the cause, whether from […]
What I Do and How I Can Help (9/16/2016) - Do you want to know what sets me apart from other businesses? I am dedicated to putting my clients’ best interests first and making the life insurance process streamlined and clear. My passion is to ensure that my clients have the best coverage possible and find a plan that works for each and every unique […]
How Business Owners Use Life Insurance to Protect Against the Loss of a Key Person (9/6/2016) - As any business owner knows, when it comes to running a company, everyone counts. You can’t bring in money without a salesforce. You can’t count the money without an accounting department. You can’t run the computers without an IT specialist. You can’t secure the building without security personnel. And you can’t keep the floors clean […]
What the NY Times DIDN’T Tell You About Universal Life Insurance (8/22/2016) - A recent article in the business section of the New York Times levels some pretty severe criticism of insurance companies. In particular, it reports on alarming increases in the premiums of some universal life products. It not only details how these high costs are placing many families in financial jeopardy but also highlights the lawsuits […]
How Business Owners Use Life Insurance to Fund Partnership Agreements (8/12/2016) - It’s a common practice for business owners to take on partners. While there are many reasons behind why you may want to take this step, there are also some crucial things to consider when entering into a business partnership. What legal bases do you need to cover? How can life insurance protect you, your business, […]

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Inside The Industry.  What you need to know about the life insurance marketplace and products. My humble commentary on political, legal, and economic trends that affect the industry.

Winning The Life Insurance Game. How to make the application process work for you. My advice for people with specific risk factors, such as tough medical conditions and extreme hobbies, on how to get coverage at a reasonable rate.

The Conscious Consumer.  Thoughts on why people buy – or postpone buying – life insurance. I often call upon studies of neuroscience, psychology, religion, and spirituality to explain consumer behavior.

Partners Are People, Too.  Spouses, life partners, and business partners need to cooperate on financial matters, especially regarding sensitive topics such as life insurance. Here I offer some of the fruits of over 30 years of happy marriage :) to help your decision-making dynamics run more smoothly.

Know Your Broker. The life insurance salesman must really be a “renaissance man”…part business owner, part financial professional, part spiritual guide. I want to share with you a few things about myself, my company, and my life.


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